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A new type of business is the dark kitchen.

Ready-to-eat food for a specific customer is no longer a “trip” to a cookery or a store. This is the ordering and delivery of various dishes, bypassing public catering as a social practice of eating food.

The market for the delivery of ready-made food has increased its volumes, including due to the coronavirus pandemic in the world. Small companies all often use the services of the so-called “shadow kitchens” for catering.

A new trend in the field of catering allows the entrepreneur to significantly expand his geographical consumption market. The same principle applies to the production of in-flight meals. The difference usually is only in volumes and mass character. To start a dark kitchen business very simple, sometimes a few small boilers in the kitchen are enough, but, most often, with this business model, a professional kitchen is more suitable for a compact food production, where professional installations are used, such as pans, fryersvacuum fryers and much more.

One of the main requirements for equipment in this format is the freshness of the product after processing, which is preserved even during long-term storage. For such systems, for example, Cook and Chill . This principle implies the readiness of the product to the state of "almost ready", if you use the parallel with pasta - al dente, after which the product is quickly cooled, packaged, frozen and then distributed. This form of heat treatment is most often used when cooking cereals, vegetables, fish, meat, meatballs and many other products.

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