Nut paste production

One of the business ideas for small food production with minimal investment is the production of nut butters and the creation of a large range of healthy products based on them.

Nuts are natural source of useful microelements, protein, omega-3, amino acids that have a positive effect on immunity, increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, improve brain function, and help maintain healthy hair, nails and skin.

A healthy style of life chooses nut butters, not only peanut butters, but sesame, sunflower seed, almond, pistachio and many others.

The production of such products is relatively simple and requires minimal investment, it is enough to purchase an industrial colloid mill, preferably with an adjustable grinding level, which will allow you to produce pastes with a smooth consistency, smooth like butter, and crunchy with pieces of nuts.

Only salt or sugar is usually added to the finished butter. Many manufacturers are ditching stabilizer and emulsifier additives in order to produce the most natural product possible. Even sugar is often replaced with creamy honey, which adds both sweetness to the paste and a smooth, thick texture.

When choosing a mill for the production of nut butters, it is necessary, first of all, to pay attention to the “teeth”, which grind and create pressure in such a way that not a dry mass, but a flowing oil is obtained from the crushed nuts. It is important that the cutting parts of the mill are made of food-grade stainless steel, which will also guarantee their durability.

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