Automatic electric conveyor belt continuous deep fryer
  • Automatic electric conveyor belt continuous deep fryer
  • Fryed fish sticks
  • Fryed pieces
  • Fryed dumplings
  • Fryed nuggets
  • Fryed fish
  • french fries
Automatic electric conveyor belt continuous deep fryer 400/1100/12

Our professional compact tabletop deep fryer is multipurpose in its functions and capabilities while being comparable to industrial conveyor deep fryers.

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Working volume up to, l

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Compact tabletop fryer provides continuous frying of products. In its functions and capabilities, it's comparable to an industrial conveyor deep fryer.

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  • Fish (capelin, fish sticks) and meat products
  • Cutlets, meatballs
  • Nuggets
  • Falafel 
  • Tortilla chip
  • Tostada
  • Chicken sticks
  • Pasties
  • Crackers, croutons
  • Nuts
  • Crisps, meat chips and pork skin chipstortilla fryer
  • Pies and dumplings
  • French fries, potato wedges, onion rings
  • Cauliflower
  • Seafood
  • Pancakes
  • Vegetarian soy products
  • Quarkini
  • Сhurros
  • Sausages in dough
  • Meat pads
  • Various types of snacks and many other products.

The fryer is designed specifically for the HoReCa segment: professional gastronomic cuisine of hotels, restaurants, and cafes, as well as catering companies and small manufactures. The falafel fryeruniversal conveyor with its compact dimensions provides a large efficient area of frying. 

The basic version is a working tank (bathtub), in which a universal conveyor with a food belt is placed. The unit is equipped with a heating system with an individual thermostat for each heating element and a conveyor speed control system. In addition, the deep fryer is equipped with a special product tedding system, which ensures uniform frying of the product from all sides. The removable components of the fryer are mounted on special locks, which makes it easy and quick to disassemble it for cleaning and washing.

The heating power in the 1-phase version of the fryer is 4 kW, in the 3-phase version 8/12 kW.

Oil after being heated is discharged from the heating elements zone by conveyor blades, which helps to avoid local overheating and evenly mixes heated oil, providing good circulation. Under heating zone is cold zone is required to reduce erosion of the burning of small product particles which break of from the product during frying. In the absence of cold storage, zone oil deteriorates much faster.


  • high strength and durability of the construction. 
  • high power temperature control system
  • frying time is from 2 sec. up to 60 minutes!
  • heating power in the basic 1-phase version is 4 kW, in the 3-phase version 8/12potato fryer kW!
  • the speed control of continuous frying using a special drive in a very wide range!
  • security system for each heating element, which allows to reduce the risk of fire
  • easy and quick cleaning system
  • a special cold storage zone
  • the conveyor mesh has small intervals, which allows the frying of small products such as nuts
  • dense wire mesh conveyor
  • removable lid sections with handles
  • product tedding system
  • high-performance thermostatic system
  • compactness. The fryer does not require much space, the unit can be placed on the surface of the technological table.
  • multipurpose. When filling the working part with water, the installation can be used as a compact blancher or a brewing unit.

Technical specification:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1399x491x400 mm (basic version)
  • Weight: about 60 kg.
  • The working volume of oil:  up to 80 liters
  • Working width: 0.35 m
  • Working length in oil:  0.88m
  • Cooking area: 0.4 m²
  • Heating power: 1-phase version: 4kW (cheaper model), 3-phase version: 8/12 kW
  • Maximum heating temperature: 200 ° C (at high temperatures it is better to use special oil for deep frying)


  • mobile stand
  • upper case for thermal insulation of frying
  • secondary steam extraction a system with filtration
  • oil filtration system
  • automatic oil flow control system
  • control panel based on the PLC controller
  • additional tank for draining used oil
  • CIP station
  • any mesh and scrapers are available to equip with
  • fire protection system
  • clamping net that is synchronized with the main conveyor
  • emergency switches
  • and much more!

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