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    Batch Blancher PE

    New product

    The cooking and blanching equipment is a hybrid 2 in 1 device which is suitable for both blanching and cooking under the condition of a vacuum.

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    Batch blancher PE consists of a thermally insulated vessel, designed for best energy efficiency, an electric / steam heating system, a control system and optionally with cooking baskets.

    Raising the cover is made manually. Heating is carried out through the bottom fully heated by heating elements or through a jacket. There is also possibility to buy a blancher with a steam indirect heating using an external electric steam generator. It is possible to heat the thermal oil through the jacket.  The basket is loaded into the cooking container by means of hoist. 

    Our batch blancher is also an ideal industrial sous vide machine so to say 2 in 1.

    It allows you to cook healthy food by method Sous vide. So buying this blancher you will have 2 in 1 equipment - Sous vide industrial machine and Batch blancher. 

    Suitable products:

    vegetables blancher

    • Vegetables: carrot, peas, asparagus, beans, zucchiniBrussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi, onions, celery, corn, potatoes
    • Mushrooms
    • Fruits: apricots, apples, pears, quince etc. 
    • Meat
    • Fish
    • Seafood: mussels, shrimps
    • Spinach

    Its  working principle is easy - place the product in the basket and heat to the desired temperature. 

    Construction features: 

    mushrooms batch blancher

    Each major structural element of the blancher is made of stainless steel.  The electric units and displays of the device are on the cover on the right side. The necessary performance to the blanching can be set up with a switch.

    The cover of the caldron can be opened manually till ca. 75C°. Its material is made of brushed, stainless steel.

    The filling the caldron with cold water occurs through a 1/2” oscillating tube faucet.

    The blancher is equipped with a built-in water level regulator that is created for automatic checking of water level with self-diagnostic feedback. This safe system ensures harmless long-term operation of the device. 

    Moreover the power required for blanching can be adjusted by a 6-stage switch. 

    Benefits :

    • electric water level sensor unit 
    • automatic water filling 
    • double safety system 
    • high heating power
    • quick heating up
    • high performance
    • simple fixation of the lid 
    • built-in water level regulator
    • reinforced thermal insulation of walls.
    • 6-stage power switch
    • Optionally fast loading thanks to the use of a basket.

    Technical data: 

    meat batch blancher



    Download (995.59k)