Cyclone CS

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The cyclone consists of a stainless steel container with a total volume of 150 liters and connecting pipes. It is designed for the accumulation of exhausted air from the mixer or reservoir. It is designed as part of a device assembly for the transport and mixing of powder products.


  • On the suction side, the powder product and air mixture are transported to a suction cyclone where the product is separated from the air.
  • The air is sucked by the fan while the product falls into a dispenser located just below the suction cyclone.
  • Air passes through the opening at the top of the cyclone.

Emptying and cleaning are simple, very easy, and extremely effective. Can also be used for the explosive product.

The pneumatic conveyor will work in the field as well as on the farm. It sucks the product out of the pile and transports it directly to the storage tank.

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