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Vacuum honey dehydrator - NORMIT

Dimensions: 4300x2760x2450

Total volume: 4000 l

Working volume: 2000 l

Honey dose: 3000 kg

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Honey dehydrator vacuum NORMIT

Vacuum honey dehydrator series PD are designed for intensive and gentle removal of excess moisture from the honey under vacuum conditions.

Excessive moisture content in honey (over 18-20%), due to its early collection or poor quality, leads to difficulties in long-term storage, as well as separation and fermentation.

Increase in productivity honey

In vivo bees spend a considerable amount of time and effort on the final drying of honey in the hive. The possibility of conducting a final drying of honey after its extraction from the frames significantly increases the honey harvest per season. Removal of moisture without increasing hydroxymethyl furfural content. Honey dehydrator has been designed specifically for honey, bearing in mind all the features of this sensitive product, and can effectively remove moisture without heating, or with low temperature heating that does not lead to increased content of hydroxymethyl furfural. Honey dried in the Normit series PD and VD vacuum dryers can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Efficiency of honey dehumidifier

Efficient removal of moisture from honey is performed not only by the vacuum, but also by means of the largest possible heat exchange and heat transfer area which includes the inner walls of the working chamber and the entire surface of the disk agitator. Due to the large heat exchange surface, we have significantly lowered energy costs for the evaporation of moisture, when compared to conventional vacuum drying apparatuses.

Additional features

Besides the drying of honey, this model can be used for the manufacture of invert sugar, for the production of artificial honey. This means you can use the equipment all year round, even when the natural honey-processing season is over. Artificial honey is a nutritious and very popular product in the confectionery industry, also often used for the feeding of bees during the winter period.


Vacuum honey dehumidifier series PD consist of a vacuum chamber made of stainless steel AISI304 (or AISI316 on request), equipped with a specially shaped disk stirrer system with scrapers, vacuum system, condensate and a control system based on industrial controllers. Condensate removal is carried out by a high-performance innovative cyclone separator.

Vacuum honey dehydrator series PD are equipped with a built-in refractometer for controlling the level of moisture content during the process of evaporation. The dryer can be equipped with an optional recirculation loop and honey filtration system. Filters in the filter system are interchangeable and made of stainless steel, and allow for both basic cleaning from large impurities and ultrafiltration to remove pollen grains.

Advantages of honey dehydrator

  • Sanitary design in accordance with FDA and GMP requirements.
  • EU-made with high quality materials and components.
  • Gentle moisture removal without heating or with minimal heating, preserving all the beneficial qualities of honey.
  • Can be used for the production of pharmaceutical honey.
  • High efficiency evaporation at low energy cost and for a short period of time.
  • Low noise, and lack of harmful emissions.
  • It allows for a significant increase in the amount of honey harvested per season, with the ability to achieve high quality and gentle final drying of honey straight from the hive.
  • It significantly improves the quality of the unripe honey and increases its shelf life. Processed honey is not separated and does not ferment.
  • During the drying process, honey may also be filtered.
  • The honey dryers Normit series PD and VD have a robust design, which is easy to operate and maintain, clean, and designed for operation on a twenty-four hour basis – whenever you need it.
  • It can be loaded with liquid or partly melted honey.
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