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Vertical spindle pump


Portable vertical pump, designed for pumping fluent or viscous liquids in the range from 1-2300 m2 / s at a temperature of about 25 ° C. For more information on the device and a quote, contact the company's sales department at sales@foodtechprocess.com. The pump cannot be used in potentially explosive atmospheres

Food pump that allows the pumping of various substances, even mildly aggressive types of pastes, creams, syrups. The pump allows free seating on the drum or tank lid. The maximum temperature of the pump medium is up to 50 ° C

It is designed for a smallest tank diameter of 50 mm, and can be inserted to a tank depth of max. 850 mm. In addition to the food industry, it is also widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Material design

  • parts of hydraulics that are in contact with the pumping medium - stainless steel
  • connecting bolts and nuts - stainless steel
  • stator- special rubber
  • pump body - cast iron
  • the other parts of the pump are made of structural steel.

Technical details

Operating speed n min 850
Transportation pressure P MPa 0,16
Flow Q ls 0,19
Transportation pressure max P MPa 0,4*
Flow when pressure max Q ls 0,15
Connection (discharge) G 3/4

Power P KW 0,25
Voltage U V 400
Current I A 0,78
Frequency f Hz 50
Connecting cable 4x1,5
Standard cable lenght m 16
Breaker 0,63-1A
Weight kg 17,7

Device dimensions                        Flow diagram