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Cooker with cooling C&C 1000/700

Dimensions: 3180х1860х1080

Total volume: 1000 l

Working volume: 700 l

Heating: steam 

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The universal batch cooker with tilting unloading system is intended for use in the processing of fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and other industries for cooking bulk products, such as: 

  • fruit and vegetables 
  • mushrooms
  • rice z seafood
  • meat
  • pasta

Due to the intense mixing by a hydrodynamic stirrer, the Normit C&C cooker is also suitable for the heat treatment of products with a soft surface, such as mussels.

Design The design of the Normit C&C cooker consists of a working vessel with heating jacket (steam or electric), tilting mesh basket, a hydrodynamic mixing system and a water recirculation and filtration system.

Easy of unloading with minimal loss of water. A lifting mesh basket with hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical drive (depending on the size and requirements of the customer) provides a convenient draining of the product, allowing complete discharge. Moreover, a tilting mode is also provided for shaking the basket in the raised position, which guarantees the maximum possible removal of water from the finished product.

Maximum Production Cycle – From Washing To Chilling – In A Single Plant The modular structure allows you to create a processing system that will provide the optimal heat treatment of any product in the following modes: blanching – cooking – pre-cooling – chilling. There is also an option for washing products in cold or warm water if required.

Any Volume Of Cooking Vessel. An innovative hydrodynamic mixer, applied in the Normit C&C cooker, will maximize the heat transfer between the product and the heating source, which in turn leads to a reduction in the cooking time and the ideal uniform treatment of products, preventing them from sticking and being damaged. The optimum volume ratio of product to water varies depends on the product and is determined empirically. After completion of the cooking process, the operator lifts the mesh basket, which is equipped with a pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical drive (depending on the volume of the working capacity and the customer’s needs). The excess water flows back into the cooking vessel. The basket shakes to obtain more increased water separation. With a steeper incline in the basket, the product is unloaded into the receiving or the cooling vessel.

Automatic Control System. The control system is based on an industrial controller and minimizes the operator involvement in the process. The control of parameters such as water temperature at each stage, the processing time and the water level is calculated automatically for each product.


  • Cost efficient – rapid heating, the maximum transmission of heat to the product, which significantly reduces the cooking time
  • High quality of the finished product – the uniformity of heat treatment, the food does not stick and the surface isn’t damaged
  • Usability – the design of the cooker means loading ingredients is convenient. There is also an option for the cooker to be fitted with tilting lifters. Easy unloading is carried out by means of a lifting tilting mesh basket.
  • Modular construction – equipment can be fitted with additional sections (pre-washing, blanching, cooking, pre-chilling, and final chilling)
  • High performance – working in batch-continuous mode, when the product is unloaded sequentially in the following section
  • Innovative filtration system – effectively removes small pieces of the food and allows the use of water for extended periods of time z Any source of heating – the cooker can be tailored to your needs with options for steam or electric heating



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