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Food Tech Process together with ČSOB Leasing a.s. offer LEASING for small businesses, schools or start-ups food companies in Slovak and Czech Republic. 

We are happy to start a project or advise a start-up investor and a small food producer, offer leasing on our equipment or other funding. Likewise, we would like to present solution variants as well as profitability calculations when expanding an established factory or new company.Whether you are looking for a complete production line or just a small machine for your food processing needs. 

Approximate rates for clients are from 1.8% to 5%, although every client is assessed individually.


  • VAT tax deduction
  • The cost of financing is deducted by the client - decreasing the tax base
  • If the company does not have their own funds to buy the assets
  • Ability to increase the company business and profits with an investment. 
  • Speed of application - no need to visit banks, your application will be dealt quickly and efficiently
  • Our representative will be in contact with you or visit your office to SAVE YOUR TIME 

For more information emails us at sales@foodtechprocess.com or call +421 944 259 499

Contact us for leasing options: