Vacuum cooking & mixing equipment MINI5
  • Vacuum processing unit for food
  • Vacuum processing unit for food
  • Multifuncional vacuum kettle
  • Multifuncional vacuum kettle
  • Cooking and drying equipment with mixing
  • Cooking and drying equipment with mixing
  • Vacuum cooking & mixing equipment MINI5
  • Vacuum cooking & mixing equipment MINI5
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Tabletop vacuum processing unit MINI5

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Multifuncional vacuum kettle MINI5 - Ideal for Cooking, Drying, Concentrating, Mixing, and much more. Suitable for labs and Small-Scale Production.

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Suitable for both laboratory use and small-scale production


Features and advantages of the unit in terms of versatility:

Ideal for producing creamed honey

Suitable for vacuum concentration of various products

Capable of vacuum drying honey

Designed for the production of sugar paste and sugaring under vacuum

The laboratory vacuum kettle is equipped with a mixing device featuring Teflon scrapers, a jacket for the heat transfer medium on the bottom and walls of the unit, a vacuum system, and a transparent upper housing for visual monitoring of the cooking process.


Technical parameters:

Motor power: 120 W

Heating: 1 kW

Chiller: 1 kW


Additional options may include:

A secondary steam removal and condensation system

A flow heater

A chiller (cooling machine)

A wheeled table


Vacuum processing offers a wide range of possibilities for various industries, including:

Preserving the nutritional value, natural color, and taste of fruits and vegetables

Processing heat-sensitive products at lower temperatures, such as honey, which should not be heated above 40 degrees to retain its beneficial properties and prevent the formation of harmful compounds

Secondary deaeration of processed products

Significant reduction in product processing temperatures

Vacuum cooling of the product