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Condensation honey dryer HD1500
  • Condensation honey dryer HD1500
  • Condensation honey dryer HD1500
  • Condensation honey dryer HD
  • Condensation honey dryer HD

Condensate honey dryer / dehydrator HD1500

New product

The high quality atmospheric condensate honey dryer is designed specifically for professional honey dehumiditation.

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The atmospheric condensate honey dryers series HD have been designed specifically for honey drying , taking into account all the specific features and properties of the product.

Efficient evaporation with no vacuum

It is known that, ceteris paribus moisture-removal in a vacuum is more efficient than performed under atmospheric pressure, due to the easier break up of molecular bonds. However, in the honey dryers series HD, a further innovative solution has been implemented – intensive forced air drying in the processing chamber, which results in performance close to that achieved with vacuum drying. In addition, the special design of the disc agitator blades ensures the largest possible area of evaporation.

Pharmaceutical honey production

Even high-quality honey with a moisture content of 19-20% is not usable in the pharmaceutical industry. Uniform removal of a few extra percent of moisture, without excessive heating and oxidation and for a short period of time, is a task the atmospheric condensate dryers series HD is well able to achieve.

Additional features

Removal of excess moisture from the honey is performed without changing its chemical composition or compromising its commercial properties. Besides the drying of honey, this model can be used for the manufacture of invert sugar, for the production of artificial honey. This means you can use the equipment all year round, even when the natural honey-processing season is over. Artificial honey is a nutritious and very popular product in the confectionery industry, also often used for the feeding of bees during the winter period.


  • Dryers Normit series HD are designed specifically for honey and takes into account all features of this product processing.
  • It is the most effective professional solution in the field of industrial honey drying nowadays. 
  • It allows for a significant increase in the amount of honey harvested per season, with the ability to achieve high quality and gentle final drying of honey straight from the hive.
  • It significantly improves the quality of the unripe honey and increases its shelf life. Processed honey is not separated and does not ferment.
  • During the drying process, honey may also be filtered.
  • The honey dryers series HD have a robust design, which is easy to operate and maintain, clean, and designed for operation on a twenty-four hour basis – whenever you need it.
  • It can be loaded with liquid or partly melted honey.
  • Its sanitary design is in accordance with FDA and GMP standards. The honey dryers series HD can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. If required, complete validation documentation is supplied.

Technical characteristics: 

condensate dryer for honey


Catalog_ honey dryer_HD1500

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