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vibrating fluid bed dryer
  • vibrating fluid bed dryer
  • vibrating fluid bed dryer
  • dryer for pet food
  • dryer for pet food
  • food dryer
  • food dryer

Vibrating fluid bed dryer


Fluid dryer is a universal device for drying granules, sand, aggregates, salts, pasty materials and similar materials for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other related industries. For a price quote, send us an email to sales@foodtechprocess.com 

The VKD Vibratory Fluid Dryer is characterized by high performance and optimum energy utilization. Vibration prevents product layering and crater formation. The feed material to be dried is fed from the feeder to the dryer and is continuously moved forward in horizontal sequence by the vibration force. The hot air is blown up through the fluidized bed on which the product is placed, which is heated and moisture is removed. The dried product is drained out of the dryer. The device has a smooth, clean, dead zone-free interior, suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, and can be manufactured to GMP requirements.


  • High performance with optimum energy use
  • The vibration force is generated by the electric motor, therefore the vibration is stable.
  • Low noise level, long shell life
  • Uniform drying process without dead zones, without product layering
  • Gentle drying
  • The dryer is fully airtight, eliminating the possibility of product contamination
  • High efficiency, possibility of recuperation of moist air
  • Simple temperature control and vibration motor control to optimize drying
  • High reliability
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel design
  • Modern design
  • Safe to use
  • Versatile use


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Building industry


  • fan
  • heating
  • filter
  • Device for capturing fine particles
  • Control panel
  • Temperature control


  • PLC control
  • Moisture sensor at the inlet, humidity sensor at the outlet
  • Air pressure indicator
  • Cooling, tempering
  • Installing CIP