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Drum dryer for drying and crystalization RD

New product

The cylindrical drum rotary machine is designed for drying and the crystallization of liquid and pasty food products to the state of solid crystals.



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The drum dryer is an equipment designed for drying milk, yeast and many others.

The heating of the drum is achieved with a duplicator. Adjusting the thickness of the dried layer is achievable. A scraper at the end of the drum, is used for scraping the material down.


The working operation - the fluid that needs to be dried is put into a rotary drum that is heated from the inside by means of a steam, sticking and creating a thin film, moisture is eliminated from the thin film. Subsequently, the dried material is taken down with fixed blades. The principal mechanism of this dryer is a drum with steam heating which turns in the opposite direction. The direction of turning is decided by the type of product that needs to be dried. The drum blade eliminates the dried pieces of the material that afterwards fall in the hopper (optional). The dryer is constructed from stainless steel AISI304.

The time of rotation of the product in the heated drum is brief. For that reason, settings like film thickness or temperature, are closely regulated.

Optionsdrum dryer

  • filter
  • storage vessel
  • mill
  • liquids filler
  • extracting device
  • magnetic separator

Dryers can be applied in chemical, pharmaceutical or food sectors. The liquids are entirely dried when in touch with the cylindrical exterior in less than one rotation of the drum.


  • The drying is performed in a continuous mode in order to acquire higher quality final product
  • The entire material is continuously under a constant heating.
  • Brief drying time efficiently allowing even heat sensitive materials to dry
  • Rotating drum has an adequate construction allowing completion of 2 operations at the same time - evaporating and drying.
  • Drying in a drum drying equipment is more profitable method in comparison with another drying techniques
  • The drying method is performed only on the external part of the drum so the material may be dried “to the final drop”
  • Easy set up and execution
  • Simple and convenient washing and care
  • Compact design



Download (1.21M)