Bin tipper for big bags with pneumatic lift VBB

Bin tipper/ dumper with pneumatic lift VBB is a device suitable for lifting and emptying big bags, plastic bags and boxes. For more information, send us an email to


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The tipper is a device that is used to lift and tip big bag/boxes with dimensions of 600 X 600 X 1000 mm and a weight up to 30kg. The device is designed to minimize fall heights and optimize smooth tilting. The bin is tipped through an angle of 100 degrees. The bin is lifted and tipped via a pneumatic cylinder.


  • big bag
  • plastic bag
  • boxes
  • plastic boxes

The principle of operation of the tipper

Step 1

We place a big bag box with a bag with dimensions of 600X600X 1000mm and a weight of 30 kg on a dump truck. Open the box. Push the lever to the up position to start the product lift.

Step 2

The unloader lifts the box to a height by means of a pneumatic lift, which is moved to the dosing station due to its own weight.

bin tipper for big bags

Step 3

Pushing the lever down moves the tipper back down


  • easy to use
  • easy maintenance and cleaning adjustable speed of titling
  • stainless steel design

Technical parameters of the tipper

Equipment dimensions (mm): 1033x740 x1600mm

Designed for boxes with dimensions: 600X600X 1000mm

Material: Stainless steel

Capacity (maximum up to): 30 kg

Lift height (max): 1600 mm

Stroke speed adjustable

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