Evaporator vacuum VAC U 1900
  • Evaporator vacuum VAC U 1900
  • Evaporator vacuum VAC U
  • Evaporator vacuum VAC U 1000
Evaporator vacuum VAC U

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Working volume up to, l

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The vacuum evaporator for preparing sugarmilk- syrup is a vertical cylindrical container made of high-quality stainless steel with a heating jacket and thermal insulation.

In the upper lid of the tank there is a hatch with a viewing window, a backlight, filling fittings with ball valves. In the bottom there is a temperature sensor fitting.

The design and form of the vacuum evaporator was developed in collaboration with leading process engineers with years of practical experience in the production of toffee and caramel masses. This succeeded in achieving the optimal in the processes of moisture removal and caramelization. The finished product has a smooth homogeneous structure.


  • Caramel
  • Toffee mass, condensed milk
  • Fudge
  • Gum base
  • Fillings
  • Jellies
  • Marmalades
  • Mixes of soft varieties of sweets

The syrup is mixed using an anchor stirrer with mechanical seal. The equipment can be an integral part of the semi-automatic line of other production site.

Ongoing Processes:

  • mixing
  • dissolving
  • pre-cooking
  • cooking
  • deaerating
  • caramelising
  • vacuuming
  • tempering

Can be equipped with all necessary equipment to complete the production cycle:

  • Storage tanks for ingredients (syrup, zz condensed milk …)
  • Sugar syrup cooking plants
  • Measuring tanks
  • Mixer units
  • Dosers and more.
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