Product filling scale with pump

Cost-effective system for filling barrels on the basis of scales for filling the product with pump. For more information for the product please contact sales department at


Delivery Policy - ex works, delivery time depends on the individual equipment


Refund policy - as stated in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Thanks to this system, you can easily fill different types of products into barrel.  Depending on the design and selection of the weighing system, up to 4 barrels can be filled at once. Pipeline and shutoff valves need to be connect to existing vessel (reservoir) Circulation is on basis of pump.

In the economy version, the valves must be closed manually, the weighing system has an information purpose


  • Cost-efective solution
  • Possibility to fill more barrels
  • Easy to use

Technical parameter of the weighing system

Maximum weight: up to 1500 kg

Dimension of the weighing area: 1200x1200 mm

Dosing unit: 500 g