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Vacuum fryer with blancher VFB

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Vacuum fryer with blancher VFB

Vacuum fryer with blancher VFB  is designed to handle a wide range of products such as: potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, beetroot and many other fruits or vegetables for making crisps, snacks, chips.

The versatility of Vacuum frying equipment allows you to experiment with a wide range of food products. It can also be used, for example, to produce semi-finished products as well as products for further processing.

This complex machine is designed for heat food processing: healthy chips in vacuum fryer

  • blanching
  • drying
  • vacuum frying (snacks, chips)

The complex consists of three working vessels: vessel for blanching, vessel for deep frying and oil storage.

Vacuum frying equipment is fitted with:

  • Vacuum pump
  • Heating system
  • Filter system with an oil pump
  • Piping system
  • Automatic control system.

The efficiency of a modern thermal vacuum processing system is based on short time and low frying temperature. This technology brings the possibility of producing a healthy product. The result is a crunchy product with low fat content, thanks to the fast processing, which prevents unnecessary saturation of products with oil. In this model, the fryer is equipped with a blanching device. Preliminary thermal treatment of the product in the blancher allows you to preserve the color uniqueness of the product, reduce its volume and increase its elasticity, remove air from the tissues of the product while preserving all the beneficial substances and vitamins, remove microorganisms from the outer product and much more.

Vacuum frying technlogy

Frying under vacuum conditions (at low temperature) - is a unique and modern way of heat treatment, allowing to achieve unique properties of the finished product. The VFB Vacuum Fryer allows you to fry the product into crunchy product at up to 120 ° C without acrylamide. The fried product does not contain carcinogenic substances and is a healthy alternative to most market snacks. Water is removed under vacuum conditions in a very short time, in addition, the oil does not penetrate into the released pores, complete oil removal is carried out while maintaining the vacuum, allowing the finished product oil content to be reduced to a few percent while in traditional frying at atmospheric pressure, the oil content can reach 30%. Depending on the product and its pre-cooking (blanching, soaking, freezing), it is possible to obtain products with different properties - with a more or less dense structure (puffed snacks), more crunchy or softer with varying color intensity and the like.

The heating system consists of a flow heat exchanger and heating elements. The advantage of this heating system is its high efficiency, and also the possibility of using solid pieces of animal or vegetable frying fat. A special basket divided into four sections allows you to process several products simultaneously. The most important feature of the device is the excess fat removal system, which provides the ability to get a "dry" product immediately after processing. Compact and versatile, the device allows the use of a vacuum fryer even for smaller food product manufacturing, joint catering facilities as well as special experimental laboratories of food product manufacturers.

The design of the vacuum fryer with blancher is compact, all units are mounted on one frame and do not need additional fitting and extra control panel. The volume of the blanching chamber corresponds to the volume of the frypot. The product first passes through the blanching, then immerses itself in the frying chamber. Optionally, the vacuum fryer may be equipped with a rotary jack that allows the product basket to be easily lowered into the blanching chamber, then lifted the water, drain basket and subsequently transferred and immersed in the frying chamber. During vacuum frying, the next batch of product is blanched and drained, allowing a semi-continuous process.

Vacuum fryer is equipped with an automatic PLC control system. The operator and control system has 2 setting modes: automatic, manual. Automatic mode allows simple and safe device control, based on pre-programmed product recipes. The manual mode allows you to check the functionality of the system itself and the units of the device, but also to test new variants of the production recipes. This mode opens the boundaries for your creativity and innovative products, but also for research in the lab environment. Automatic cleaning mode is undoubtedly a big advantage for easier use and maintenance of the vacuum frying equipment.



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