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Electric conveyor double belt continuous fryer 400/1100/12

New product
Designed for continuous frying of a wide range of dishes for cafes, restaurants, and small production facilities.

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СATF 400/1100/12

Download (619.98k)

Compact tabletop fryer for continuous immersion frying. In terms of its functions and capabilities, it is comparable to professional industrial conveyor frying machines.

 Intended for food such as:

  • fish sticks
  • meat and fish semi-finished products in breading and lizone
  • cutlets, meatballs
  • chicken nuggets
  • the Kiev's cutlets
  • Chinese dumplings
  • japanese gyoza dumplings
  • chicken sticks
  • pasties
  • falafel
  • empanadas
  • bieli
  • vareniki
  • chebupels
  • French fries
  • pirohy and dumplings
  • seafood
  • stuffed pancakes
  • vegetarian soy products
  • Donuts "Kvarkini"
  • sausages in dough
  • meat pads
  • spring rolls
  • samosas
  • a lot more


The fryer is especially designed for the HoReCa segment: professional gastronomic cuisine of hotels, restaurants and cafes, catering companies, dark kitchens and small industries. With its compact dimensions, it still provides a large working area for frying.


The standard model consists of a working bath, in where the working conveyor with 2 stainless steel meshes are installed. The unit is equipped with a heating system and an individual thermostat for each heating element as well as a system for smooth control of the conveyor speed. Removable components are mounted on special mounts, which allows you to quickly and easily disassemble the device for washing and cleaning.

The thermal oil is agitated by the conveyor blades to help ensure good circulation. A cold zone is located beneath the heating zone, which is necessary to reduce the burning of smaller pieces of the product separated from the main product during the frying process as well as to slow down the process of oil spoilage.



  •   - high-strength construction and the durability of the structure.
  •  - uniform deep-frying result
  •  - fine-mesh conveyor mesh, which allows the frying of products with a small size and a fragile structure
  •  - frying time from 20 sec. up to 60 min., regulated by a special drive that allows you to set the speed of your continuous frying
  •  - powerful and efficient direct heating
  •  - a security system for each heating element, which reduces the risk of fire to a minimum - automatic shutdown of heating at a temperature of  235 degrees
  •  - easy and quick cleaning and washing of the fryer
  •  - the presence of a special "cold zone" intended for the separated pieces of the product, which burn less and therefore slow down the process of  oil spoilage
  •  - compact design, it does not require a lot of space to house the deep fryer, the unit can be placed on the surface of a technological table
  •  - thermal insulation of the working body for safe operation and low heat loss
  •  - a system for mixing and removing heated oil from the heating element zone using the blades of the conveyor, which helps to prevent local overheating and reduces oil carbonization

Technical specifications:

  • Frying area, cm² - 4400
  • Height of the product for frying, up to, mm - 50
  • Heating power: 3-phase, 12 kW
  • Maximum load, kg - 16
  • Working volume of oil, up to, l - 80
  • Maximum heating temperature: 200°C (special frying oil is recommended for high temperatures)
  • Dimensions (LxHxW), mm: 1399x491x400
  • Weight, kg - 60




  • oil filtration system with a pump
  • automatic oil control and supply system
  • a mobile frame structure on wheels
  • hanging digesters for steam removal (island type)
  • PLC based control system with a touch screen


СATF 400/1100/12

Download (619.98k)