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Benefits of marinating meat with vacuum tumbler

Vacuum Tumblers for meat processing are hugely popular with butchers and well-known chefs to improve the flavor and quality of food. Meat tumblers are sometimes called barrel tumblers and drum tumblers. In the meat industry, contents in the tumbler go through spinning and are flipped vacuum tumbler for marinating meatonto itself with a chosen marinade. This process is known as massaging – pulling in moisture into the meat, which results in meat that has a better taste and flavour.

Our vacuum tumblers soften meat and helps it absorb spices, salt and marinades. They are very simple to operate, also easy to load or unload..As a result, the final products are to a greater extend more moist, appetizing and tender, having better appearance and quality consistency.

Tumble process together with preserving raw meat is one the most crucial challenges faced by the meat processing industry. The vacuum tumbler is the perfect choice for meat processing. Our machines have a capacity from 600 to 3,000 L, and are used for pork, mutton, poultry and sea food, which makes them ideal for meat processing factories of all sizes. Speed control for all sizes is adjustable 1­9 r/min, using inverter. The tumbling process is fairly simple; at the start of the process, the meat is placed inside of the drum of the tumbling equipment together with a liquid marinade, spices and other ingredients that are required for infusion. In the second stage, the air is evenly and slowly eliminated with a help of a high volume vacuum. During the rotation of the drum, the meat gets soaked with liquid, not with air, which is cased by distinctive atmospheric and vacuum pressure. In the last stage, the meat product contracts and receives the liquid in place of air and further expands in the vacuum. This process causes more tissue to be exposed, resulting in a cellular absorption reaction. The meat tumbler drum is constructed to lift the meat, and the food that is tumbled is taking turn between two environments. One is partly without air; the other one is an vacuum tumbler for meat processingunderwater environment. These surroundings, mixed with the characteristics of the marinade, bring about interraption of bacterial cell membranes, which results in a decline of bacteria and food related diseases. Thanks to the use of the single blade, there is a more thorough mixing process and makes it easier to clean the machine. Placing the flap on the lower part of the tank allows the removal of leftovers in hard ­to ­reach places.

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