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Frying. How to extend the frying  oil quality?

Frying. How to extend the frying oil quality?

Frying is a cooking process during which a portion of food with certain water content is immersed in edible oil or fats at temperatures in the range of 140-180 ° C. During frying, not only do the desired changes occur, such as the crusting of the outer part, the process and the formation of typical aromatic components, but the frying process leads to undesired changes which lead to damage to the frying oil. These changes affect the quality of the frying medium and the quality of the fried food. This process is called product polymerization. Once the product is exposed to higher temperatures around 200 ° C, undesirable changes can occur which cause the oil to foam. Frying oil is not cheap and therefore it is our intention to use as little as possible during the process or to delay its deterioration. First of all, we recommend to customers the right choice of oil that is most suitable for their process. The second step is then to maintain the correct oil standard. The right choice of frying oil In the first place, the choice is based on consumer preferences. ((Increasing the level of unsaturated oils results in greater instability of the oil), another factor is the method of handling and storage (solidification of the oil) One of the important factors is the suitability of the oil for a special cooking technique. For example, in the manufacture of confectionery, only oils are used in the frying of nuts that do not damage the chocolate during further processing - a stable oil is therefore needed. When selecting the oil, also check the oil standard are met. The quality of refined oil is determined from the primary raw material, through the refining itself to the final distribution. Some oils also need a chelating agent (to prevent particle build-up) - it is added into fresh oil before being added into the fryer as an additive to antioxidants and antifoam.

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