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Grain grinder / Grinding mill

This genuine grain mill is perfectly suitable to grind excellent quality flour even in big quantities. For more information, send us an email to


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Grain mill / Flour mill / Wheat grinder designed for milling grain, seeds etc.

Processes soft seeds (e.g. spelt, wheat, rye, oat) and hard seeds (e.g. corn, soy bean, etc.) as well with its powerful drive unit. The filling maximum capacity of 40kg shows that this mill belongs to the premium level and with its poweful motor it grinds easy and safely. Structure made with natural beech waxed with natural beeswax, grinding is made with corund stone with excellent durability. This ceramic stone is harder than many of the steel types.

Grinding mill - Specifications: 

  • diameter of stone: 220mm
  • grinding capacity for fine flour: 1200 g/minute
  • mill structure: solid beech treated with natural beeswax
  • filling capacity: 40kg


  • Rotations (1/minute)  630
  • Capacity (kg/h)   70
  • Power (W)     2800
  • Electrical connection (Volt / Hz)    380Volt/50Hz
  • Width (mm)   550
  • Depth (mm)   550 
  • Height (mm)  900
  • Net weight (kg)   65
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