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Industrial rotary knife mill for paste production KM

Rotary Knife Mill 5.5 kW is used to grind products such as sugar, peppers and other powdered particles like spices into sauces and other emulsions.

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Power consumption, kW

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Rotor mill for the food industry / Knife mills / Grinding mills

Which products are suitable for rotor mill: 

The milling machine uses a colloidal grinding structure, which can grind nuts, grains, chili seeds and other granular products to the desired consistency. Our grinder is suitable for milling and homogenization of soft, medium soft, hard, elastic, materials with water content as well as fat, oil and similar dry products.

  • spices
  • sugar
  • black pepper
  • nuts and other powdered products

Where can we use knife mill?

The rotor mill, sometimes known as "knife mill" can be used in many different industries such as biology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture or food industry.

Input material

It is very versatile machine when it comes to use. Input material used in production can be soft, medium hard, elastic, containing water, fat, oil, dry or containing fibres.

Food mill that is powerful and fast

Rotor Mills are ideal for pre-crushing and fine comminution of soft to medium-hard, brittle, fibrous and temperature-sensitive materials in different industries. The product is comminuted at high speed by impact and shearing forces. The final fineness of the product depends on the selected sieve insert. There are different sieve inserts available for different products.

Benefits of a rotor mill

  • The main benefit is the quick replacement of the sieve - which determines the resulting grain size
  • Adjustable rotation speed
  • Quick replacement of the components that wear out naturally during grinding
  • Big hopper attached
  • Machine mobility - on wheelsknife rotor mill

Technical features of a knife mill:

  • Power 5,5 kW
  • Rotation speed 3000 rt/m
  • Hopper capacity L 30
  • Height, mm 1131
  • Length, mm 1075
  • Width, mm 256

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