Peanut Butter Machine

Peanut butter is a nutritional bomb that, when consumed properly, has a beneficial effect on our health and also tastes great.

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  • The peanut butter making machine will produce first-class peanut butter in a few seconds, whether smooth or chrunchy with pieces of peanuts. The grinding fineness is simply adjusted by means of two screws.

  • In addition to peanuts, many other products can be processed in this equipment such as:

    • all types of nuts without shell  

    • peanuts

    • coconut

    • seeds without shell

    • spices

Before the production of nut paste or peanut butter, we recommend roasting the nuts before grinding. The paste will be finer, more delicious with a strong full taste.

The machine for making peanut butter  will find application in various processes such as grinding, homogenization, emulsification, dispersion, mixing, extraction and the like.

The machine is controlled by a high-speed engine. It is equipped with a specially shaped rotor and stator, which is directly connected to the motor shaft.

It can be optionally equipped with a frequency converter for continuous rotation speed control. This innovative three-stage pyramidal shaped rotor and stator allows the gap to be adjusted using a screw. The device has a high pumping impact. The rotor is made from a single piece of high-quality stainless steel using the latest metalworking equipment.

The rotor is equipped with conical teeth, the height of which gradually decreases, which is necessary for the subsequent grinding of the product up to the last stages of particle reduction.

The peanut butter machine has an easily removable hopper (optional), a removable stator and rotor for easy cleaning. The product is filled with the aid of a screw, which is part of the basic set.


• the rotor and stator are made of one piece of stainless steel on the most modern metalworking equipment

• adjustable fineness of grinding

• large filling hole and screw feed

• high quality of the finished product

• wide range of applicationspeanut butter machine

• highest quality material

• easy operation

• quick and simple cleaning and maintenance

• easy installation

• high performance

• low noise level

• low investment costs

• long life, easy to dismantle construction


The equipment for the production of nut paste is made exclusively from AISI 304 stainless steel or AISI316L.

High-precision rotor made from one piece of high-quality stainless steel on modern metalworking equipment. The rotor is equipped with concentric conical teeth with gradual reduction of the tooth height, which is necessary for the consistent grinding of the product in the last stages of grinding.

The stator is also made with one piece stainless steel. The gap between rotor and stator is manually adjustable with the possibility of fixing in any position (compact, continuous) with two screws for added safety.

The loading of the product is achieved by means of a draw-in screw, which is part of the basic equipment.

The unloading of the finished product is achieved with a side easily removable chute made of stainless steel.


Peanut butter as a beneficial delicacy