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Vacuum mixer MakVacMix


Multifunctional vacuum mixer for grinding, mixing and homogenizing, to obtain homogeneous masses of various products. For any additional information feel free to send us an email to

Volume, l:

Multifunctional vacuum mixer for grinding, mixing and homogenizing, to obtain homogeneous masses of various products, can be used for the production of hummus, puree and pastes from vegetables, fruits in the food industry or various creams, tooth gels and pastes in household chemicals, perfumery and cosmetics industry.



Used for processes such as:


- grinding

- mixing

- mixing/mixing under vacuum

- vacuuming

- thermal processing / thermal processing under vacuum

- homogenization.



A feature of the unit is the ability to replace the cutter knives installed in the lower part of the inclined reactor with an Ultra Shear type bottom homogenizer, which makes it possible to create stable emulsions on a water-fat base.


Vacuum reactor allows thermal processing under vacuum, which is important in the production of heat-sensitive products that lose their nutritional value at high temperatures. Depending on the vacuum source, which is available as an option, it is also possible to perform vacuum cooling or vacuuming of the product to reduce the content of pathogens in air bubbles formed during grinding or whipping of the product. Vacuum also serves to maintain the sterility of processing processes, reducing potential contamination, which is very important both in food production and in the production of toothpastes, gels and creams.


The basic version is an inclined vacuum reactor with a jacket for a coolant (heating or cooling from an external source). In the basic version of the reactor the cutting knives and a mixing device are installed. As a vacuum generator source is used  an ejector of compressed air, external source (the compressor is not included in the delivery set).


The product can be loaded through the top hatch of the unit or with a pump (optional) through the outlet valve.


The mixer can be retrofitted with an external forced circulation circuit to increase the intensity of heat transfer, the pump of which also facilitates quick and convenient unloading of the product from the machine.



Technical specifications:


Volume – 350 or 650 l depending on the model


Installed capacity of the basic version - 13 kW*


A coolant (water, steam) can be supplied to the jacket of the unit, with some coolants the pressure at the inlet to the jacket can be maximum - 0.5 bar, it is recommended to install a reduction.


The maximum vacuum depth is 0.8 bar. In the basic version, the vacuum is not regulated; a vacuum gauge can be installed with maintaining and maintaining a given vacuum depth – optional.


In the basic version the control devices include a temperature controller with a temperature sensor in the product and a controllable heating medium supply valve, frequency converters for cutter knives and a mixing device for adjusting the operating speed.


* as an option and depending on the type of processed product, a more powerful drive can be installed - up to 17 kW.



Additional options:


Vacuum oil pump – recommended for deep vacuum and vacuum cooling (for vacuum cooling, it is recommended to select an additional option – vapor recovery and condensation system).

Liquid ring vacuum pump - recommended for quick vacuum generation, it requires a cold water supply (cold water connection).

External forced circulation circuit

Self-priming pump for easy and fast product unloading

Ultra Shear Homogenizer - Cutter Knife Replacement Kit

Holding and adjusting the vacuum.

System of removal and condensation of secondary steam.

Data sheet

  • Capacity: 350 l 650 l
  • Principle of operation: Batch mode
  • Country of origin : Slovakia