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yoghurt pasteurizer
  • yoghurt pasteurizer
  • yoghurt pasteurizer
  • yogurt pasteurizer
  • yogurt pasteurizer

Yoghurt Pasteurizer MIP Y

New product

MIP Y Pasteurizers are designed for the heat processing of milk, for the production of yoghurt, white cheese (feta), hard cheese, ice cream and many other milk products. For more information, email us at sales@foodtechprocess.com

Volume, l:

Yoghurt Pasteurizer is an excellent piece of equipment manufactured by people who know perfectly the secrets of milk storage, maintenance and processing.

Yogurt Pasteurizer is made of high-quality materials using the latest machinery and technology. All materials are extremely reliable in the European market and guarantee lasting work. MIP Pasteurizing machines are heat exchangers for the heat treatment of milk, manufacturing of feta cheese, yogurt, hard cheese, ice cream, plus others. We offer dairy pasteurizers in volumes of 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 650 l. 

Example for time pasteurization of 100l model with heating element 12kW:

Simple milk pasteurization from 4°C → 65°C, the pasteurization time is approximately 30-35 minutes

High milk pasteurization from 4°C → 95°C , the pasteurization time is approximately 55-60 minutes

Forms of dairy pasteurizers: 

  • Milk, Yoghurt Pasteurizer
  • Cheese Pasteurizer
  • Ice cream Pasteurizer

Milk Pasteurizing equipment - Features

  • Ergonomically constructed using stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Exceptional insulated vessel with a double wall and environmentally good polyurethane foam.
  • Heat exchanger constructed using laser machinery, made for quicker movement providing optimum effectiveness, combining energy preserving plus greater durability.
  • Installed a stirring engine with a unique mixer.
  • Amendable strong stainless steel legs for use on irregular floors.jogurt pasteurizer
  • Stainless steel dipping stick to measure the product.
  • Immersing sensor NTC IP68 AISI316 for controlling the temperature.
  • Possible in various volumes.
  • Computerized control panel with a touch screen.


  • Thermic milk treatment (warming, chilling, mixing) is entirely regulated by software that can be configurated.
  • Automated start, stop for the mixer.
  • Visual alarm for completing every step.


  • HEATING Warm water supply to the pasteurizing circuit may be accomplished with gas or oil boiler or electric heater
  • CHILLING Cool water supply to the pasteurizing circuit may be achieved with ice-banks.


MIP milk pasteurizing equipment was constructed specially for the heat treatment of milk while being the most commercial version.

Technical features

      • May be connected to an assembly line for cheese.
      • Lower speed stirring engine (30 rpm), integrated on a unique raised base on the cover, for simple washing and maintenance.
      • Stainless steel totally openable cover.
      • Equipped with a detachable arm with a detachable big stirrer and two half lids.