Mixing tank with heating VWST 5000
  • Mixing tank with heating VWST 5000
  • chocolate mixer
Mixing tank with heating VWST 5000

The tank is designed for heating and mixing chocolate, butter, margarine, honey and similar products. For more information and a price quote, send us an email to: sales@foodtechprocess.com

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Mixing vessels with heating are designed as liquid storage tanks for storing of liquids with mechanical and thermal resistance.  Intense mixing ensures product homogeneity. They can be used as a storage container for chocolate, mayonnaise, sauces and other dense products.

Mixing vessel VWST is a vertical triple-jacket tank with thermal insulation, heating jacket and conical bottom. Tank is equipped with a level sensor and a temperature sensor. Mixing of the product is provided with blade mixer, which prevents sticking of the product. Tank is equipped with a sensors, that can exactly measure the weight of the product in the tank.

Specifications characteristics can be change in accordance with the technical specifications of the client.Heating - steam, heating elements, water, oil, infrared heater. Gear of mixer turn/min. 0-40, adjustable continuously or by steps. Material AISI 304/ AISI 316.

mixing tank

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