At the request of one of our potential clients, we carried out a series of tests on our colloid mill for grinding oats and other grains.

To carry out the test, we used peeled oat grains - in the video linked below, you can see the original product.

After two passes through the colloid mill, we were left with a incredibly fine and delicate oat flakes, with just a negligible amount of larger particles. This grinding process allows the flakes to be used for the production of various bars, breakfast cereals, as well as to be used as breading and the production of various healthy snacks, such as dietary cookies, smoothies etc.

The new video is available on our YouTube channel where you can see the grinding process as well as the original oats before and after being processed with a colloid mill.

We would like to remind you that we are open to testing your products using our equipment to help you make an informed decision before investing in your production. Simply send us some samples of your product, we'll agree on the prefferred technology, conduct the tests, film them, and send you samples of the finished product (if applicable).