One of our offered services for potential customers is conducting tests on our equipment using the customer's own product and technology specifications.

We recently conducted a series of tests for one of our clients, focusing on the colloidal mill 132. This client specializes in manufacturing food products for children and provided us with samples of nuts. Following the client's technology description, we produced nut butter from these samples. After testing, the resulting paste samples were carefully packed and dispatched to the client.

Cashew nuts and hazelnuts were utilized for the testing process.

Our team meticulously examined each stage of the process, including equipment setup, parameter fine-tuning, raw material weight, and paste texture.

The outcome of the testing yielded excellent samples of nut butters, characterized by a delicate and smooth texture and rich flavor profiles. The hazelnut butter exuded a gentle nutty aroma with subtle sweetness, while the cashew butter impressed with its robust and full-bodied taste.

We offer a brief video showcasing the preparation of cashew nut paste. As we continue to process video materials, we will keep you informed about the testing process.

If you're interested in testing any of our equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone!