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Portioning devices for meat processing

One of the criteria for the quality of the machine is the accuracy of the portioning of minced meat used to fill the casings, as well as the preservation of the attractive appearance of the product and high productivity when working with different types of casings.


Equipment of different models can differ significantly from each other. Differences in minced meat portioning machines may relate to:


● the possibility of using artificial and/or natural intestines;

● degree of portioning;

● possibility of installation of clips of different diameter;

● performance.


Among the general and important characteristics of the device are compact dimensions and low weight of the machine.


All meat grinder models can be combined with a portioning function.


In the meat processing line, industrial meat grinders with a stirrer are most widely used, the task of which is to bring the product to the technologically necessary degree of granularity. This guarantees an attractive appearance and a uniform color of the products.


For the purpose of portioning, bulk extruded masses of food raw materials coming directly from tubes or other extrusion devices are divided into separate semi-finished products of a certain size or mass. Examples of the operation of such machines are sausages, parkas, cevapcici, pies and others.

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