In meat processing, the accuracy of minced meat portioning equipment is a critical factor, impacting the quality and structure of minced meat used for casing filling. The goal is to preserve the attractive appearance of the final product and ensure high productivity when dealing with various types of casings.

Different models of portioning devices can exhibit significant variations. Distinctions among minced meat portioning machines may include:

  • The capability to use both artificial and/or natural intestines.
  • The degree of portioning precision.
  • The option to install clips of varying diameters.
  • Overall performance metrics.

Crucial and shared characteristics of these devices encompass compact dimensions and low machine weight, contributing to their versatility and ease of use.

All meat grinder models can integrate a portioning function into their operations.

Within meat processing lines, industrial meat grinders equipped with a mixer are widely utilized. Their primary function is to attain the necessary granularity of the product, ensuring an attractive appearance and uniform color presentation in the final meat product.

Specifically designed for portioning, these machines divide bulk extruded masses of raw food materials, sourced directly from tubes or other extrusion devices, into distinct semi-finished products of predetermined sizes or masses. This functionality finds application in the creation of various meat products such as sausages, parkas, frankfurts, cevapcici, pies, and more. The versatility of portioning devices enhances the efficiency and productivity of meat processing facilities, contributing to the production of high-quality and visually appealing meat products.