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One of advantages of this glandless pump is very high durability and efficiency in operation in very demanding conditions. We offer glandless pump with different power, send us an email to for more information

Piston filler is designed for dosing different types of products in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. For a price quote, send us an email to 

Melters for fat blocks are designed to melt frozen, solid blocks of animal or vegetable fat as well as to maintain them in a melted state at a given temperature. Price depends on the chosen option. Please email or call +421 944 259 499

Melting vessel TurboMelter is designed for melting and texturizing a wide range of products, such as blocks of butter, margarine, animal fat, honey, wax, chocolate and many others. Price depends on the chosen option.

Please email or call +421 944 259 499

Twin-screw extruder is designed for effective extruding, homogenization, pumping over of plastic masses (butter, margarine, honey, curd products, confectionery mixtures), and forming it into bars and rolls.

For a price quote, send us an email to or call us +421 944 259 499

The homogenization of the butter is carried out in order to improve the butter's consistency and taste stability under storage conditions. For more information about our homogenizers, please email us at

Shell-and-tube or tabular heat exchanger is designed to heat and cool such viscous/pasty products as sauces, mayonnaise, creams yogurts, jams, caramel, baby food, honey etc. Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are one of the most widely used units due to their robust design and a variety of options to suit different operating conditions.

For a price quote or a free consultation, send us an email to