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The tilting pan with direct built-in heating and integrated stirrer is designed for frying, stewing, cooking vegetables, fish, meat, sauces, pasta, while stirring, eliminating the risk of burning or uneven heat treatment. 

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Tilting bratt pans with mixer are frying the product with continuous stirring. Designed for catering industry, school kitchens, restaurants and food industry. Variants of heating systems: direct electric and direct gas.Capacity: 150, 200 or 300l. Price depends on the chosen option. 

Please email or call +421 944 259 499

Rectangular tilting pan is designed for heat treatment of a wide range of meat and vegetable products in batch mode with the possibility of subsequent rapid cooling. 

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Tilting pan with indirect heating and integrated constant stirring is designed for frying, steaming, cooking vegetables, fish, meat, sauces and pasta while eliminating the risk of burning or uneven heat treatment.

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The tilting bratt pan is produced in 2 versions: with gas or electric heating. The pan is designed for use in the food, hospital, catering industry and in large kitchens for making pasta, stewing and frying meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, frozen or semi-prepared, ready-to-cook meals, etc.

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