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Test results - Vacuum fryer
New video showcasing the results of the tests using our vacuum fryer.
Colloid Mill Test - Oats
The results of a new series of tests conducted on the colloid mill.
New design of the mixing device
We have updated the mixing device of our compact cooking kettle.
A series of tests on our colloid mill
We made creamy nut butter from cashews and hazelnuts using a colloid mill.
Testing our Z SIGMA ARM mixer
We have conducted a new series of tests on the Z SIGMA ARM mixer to make dough for dumplings.
Our cooking kettles are proving to be a popular choice
More and more cooking kettles are constantly being sent out to our customers, proving to be a widely applicable universal solution for cooking small batches of various food products.
Pneumatic feeding system for mills and grinders
Introducing our versatile pneumatic feeder, designed to accommodate a wide range of different mills types.
Testing our new commercial Infrared Dryer
We have conducted a series of tests on the new and improved model of our infrared dryer for the preservation of fruits and vegetables.
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Accessories: Enhancing Food Processing Efficiency with Essential Additions

In the realm of food processing, the role of additional accessories is often overlooked, yet they are crucial components that contribute to the overall efficiency and quality of operation for a specific unit or the whole production line. Accessories encompass a wide range of supplementary items designed to complement and optimize various food processing equipment. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the significance of accessories in the food processing industry, exploring their diverse types, benefits, and applications.

Diverse Types of Accessories

Accessories in food processing cover an array of categories:

  • Spare Parts: Vital for equipment maintenance and replacement, spare parts ensure seamless operations.
  • Attachments: Attachments tailored for specific processes enhance the versatility of processing machines.
  • Safety Gear: Safety equipment like protective clothing and gear ensures the well-being of workers.
  • Holders and Racks: These items aid in efficient material handling during processing.
  • Measuring Tools: Precision is key, and measuring tools ensure accurate ingredient proportions.
  • Cleaning Tools: Accessories for cleaning and sanitation maintain hygienic processing conditions.

Benefits of Utilizing Accessories

  1. Optimized Performance: The right accessories can enhance the performance of equipment, leading to efficient production.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Accessories can extend the lifespan of machinery, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  3. Safety Enhancement: Proper safety gear and accessories contribute to a safer working environment.
  4. Consistent Quality: Measuring tools and attachments ensure consistent quality in the final product.
  5. Time Saving: Efficient accessories streamline processes, reducing manual labor and saving time.

Applications and Importance

Accessories have a significant impact on various aspects of food processing:

  • Efficiency: Accessories optimize processing lines, improving productivity and reducing downtime.
  • Product Quality: Measuring tools and attachments contribute to uniform product quality.
  • Safety: Proper safety gear ensures that workers can carry out tasks without unnecessary risks.
  • Customization: Attachments allow for customization of processing methods to suit specific requirements.

FoodTechProcess: Comprehensive Solutions

At FoodTechProcess, we recognize the importance of accessories in the food processing industry. As a leading provider of food processing equipment and solutions, we offer a wide range of high-quality accessories designed to enhance the efficiency, safety, and quality of your operations. From spare parts to specialized attachments, our accessories are meticulously crafted to complement your equipment and contribute to the success of your food processing endeavors.


A durable single gas stove serves a versatile purpose, suitable for heating cooking kettles.

The working surface is made out of food-grade stainless steel, on top of which the deep fryer can be installed. It is quipped with wheels for ease of movement.

For additional information, please contact us at sales@foodtechprocess.com

Optional module for the 400/1100/12 universal tabletop Modular Fryer - Pressure Conveyor for frying foods that require forced immersion in oil.

Additional option to VMG laboratory vacuum homogenizer 20/50.

Additional option to VMG laboratory vacuum homogenizer 20/50.

Additional option for the VMG laboratory vacuum homogenizer 20/50.

Set of 4 height adjustable legs+/- 100 mm.

For more information contact: sales@foodtechprocess.com

Supporting structure on wheels with locks (brake), 2 swivel wheels, 2 swivel wheels with a brake.

For more information, contact: sales@foodtechprocess.com

Variable belt conveyor with wide use not only in the food industry. The length of the conveyor can be selected from 2 to 6 m. The width of the belt is 200 and 400 mm.

For more information on the device,  please contact the company's sales department at sales@foodtechprocess.com

Protective decorative cover for colloid mill 132 (option)

For more information or to request more details contact: sales@foodtechprocess.com

Stand (support structure) for colloid mill machine (option for colloid mill 132)

For more information or to request more details contact: sales@foodtechprocess.com

Frequency inverter is used and installed directly on equipment without the need to install electrical cabinets. 

For more information or to request more details contact: sales@foodtechprocess.com

A set of hooks for hanging and drying meat and fish  Additional option for MAK DRYER 7-14.

For more information, please contact: sales@foodtechprocess.com

Thermal insulation of the drying cabinet body to reduce heat loss during product drying. Additional option for the MAK DRYER 7-14.

For more information contact: sales@foodtechprocess.com

The set consists of 20 shelves from AISI304 stainless steel. Additional option for MAK DRYER 7-14.


A chiller is a cooling machine that removes heat from a liquid through vapor compression and absorption in a cyclic manner.

For additional information, please email us at sales@foodtechprocess.com

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