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We offer different types of vacuum evaporation machines, this type is an affordable option for superior quality stanless steel evaporator equipment. For the price quote and more information, send us an email to

Pneumatic capper PTC applies crown caps to beer bottles, cork caps on wine bottles, snap-on caps on other containers in just a matter of seconds.

For more information, send us an email to

Running of various production processes such as cutting, mixing, crushing, refining and emulsifying different types of product in a single unit.

Price depends on the chosen option. Please email or call +421 944 259 499

Наша компания предлагает оборудование для взбивания меда в новой конструкции с гравитационным перемешиванием. Главное преимущество техники - сливочный мед за 4 часа!

Устройство рассчитано на 450 кг. загрузка меда на одну партию. 

Для получения ценового предложения отправьте нам электронное письмо по адресу или позвонить +421 944 259 499

The vacuum multifunctional cooking machine is designed for home use, catering (restaurants, hotels, catering companies) as well as small industrial enterprises respectively. This equipment allows you to cook, blanch, fry, evaporate, pasteurize, mix or stir.

For a price quote, send us an email to or call us +421 944 259 499