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Test's results  - vacuum fryer
New video with the results of the tests.
Colloid Mill Test - Oats
The results of a new series of tests conducted on the colloid mill
New design of the mixing device
We have updated the mixing device of our compact cooking kettle
A series of tests on our colloid mill
We made creamy nut butter from cashews and hazelnuts using a colloid mill.
Testing our Z SIGMA ARM mixer
We have conducted a new series of tests on the Z SIGMA ARM mixer to make dough for dumplings.
Our cooking kettles are proving to be a popular choice
More and more cooking kettles are constantly being sent out to our customers, proving to be a widely applicable universal solution for cooking small batches of various food products.
Pneumatic feeding system for mills and grinders
Introducing our versatile pneumatic feeder, designed to accommodate a wide range of different mills types.
Testing our new commercial Infrared Dryer
We have conducted a series of tests on the new and improved model of our infrared dryer for the preservation of fruits and vegetables.
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Slicers and Flakers: Precision in Food Processing

Slicers and flakers are essential tools in the food processing industry, offering precise cutting, slicing, and flaking of various ingredients. These machines play a vital role in transforming raw materials into uniform slices, flakes, or pieces, enhancing the efficiency, consistency, and presentation of food products. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the functionalities, benefits, and applications of slicers and flakers, showcasing their significance in the realm of food processing.

Functionality of Slicers and Flakers

Slicers are specialized equipment designed to cut ingredients into consistent slices, while flakers are used to transform ingredients into thin, flat flakes. These machines utilize sharp blades or rollers to achieve precise and uniform cuts, ensuring the even distribution of ingredients in the final product. Slicers and flakers are used for a wide range of ingredients, including vegetables, fruits, cheese, meats, and more.

Benefits of Slicers and Flakers

  1. Uniformity: Slicers and flakers ensure that ingredients are cut or flaked to a consistent size, contributing to product uniformity and presentation.
  2. Efficiency: These machines expedite the process of ingredient preparation, saving valuable time in food production.
  3. Versatility: Slicers and flakers can be adjusted to accommodate various thicknesses and types of ingredients, providing flexibility in food processing.
  4. Precision: The use of sharp blades or rollers guarantees accurate and clean cuts, maintaining the integrity of the ingredients.

Applications in Food Processing

Slicers and flakers find applications across a range of food processing segments:

  • Vegetable Processing: Slicers are used to cut vegetables into precise slices for salads, garnishes, and other culinary applications.
  • Frozen Foods: Flakers are essential in transforming frozen blocks of ingredients, such as fruits or vegetables, into flakes suitable for further processing.
  • Meat Industry: Slicers are utilized to cut meats for deli counters, sandwiches, and charcuterie platters.
  • Cheese Production: Slicers ensure even slicing of cheeses, maintaining consistent thickness and quality.

FoodTechProcess: Precision and Quality

As a leading provider of food processing equipment, FoodTechProcess offers a range of advanced slicers and flakers designed to meet the diverse needs of the industry. Our solutions are engineered for precision, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring that food processors can achieve optimal results in slicing and flaking applications.

The industrial meat grinder is made out of food-grade stainless steel. The kit includes various accessories such as a sausage attachment and an attachment with two cross blades. The productivity of the meat grinder is around 120 kg of minced meat per hour.

  • Compact
  • Professional
  • With anti-slip rubber feet
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Operation mode: Automatic
  • Principle of operation: Continuous mode
  • Total power, kW: 0,75
  • Voltage: 220-230V

Meat Mincer

1 in stock

The cutter is designed for cutting into cubes, stripes or slices.

For more information, contact our sales department at sales@foodtechprocess.com

Vegetable cutter AVC

Out of stock

The CAF 65 cabbage shredder is designed for large processing plants, for a daily production of about 60 tons.

For more information about the equipment, contact our sales department at sales@foodtechprocess.com

Fully automatic machine for making kebab and brochettes by skewering meat on a stick with a maximum production capacity of 1500 pieces per hour.

The price depends on the selected option. Please contact us at sales@foodtechprocess.com

We offer different types and capacities of meat flakers, for a price quote or a free consultation, send us an email to sales@foodtechprocess.com 

Cutter for french fries with automatic hopper. Approx. 25 kg of French fries 12mm per minute. Cutting blocks are ordered separately. For more information, send us an email to sales@foodtechprocess.com

Vegetable cutter with adjustable cutting thickness, blades very easy to replace which makes them cost-effective. For more information, send us an email to sales@foodtechprocess.com 

Chocolate flaking machine for automatically differentiating two blocks of couverture each time. The flakes are collected in plastic baking for food. The machine comes with two plastic bins.

Manual cutter for cutting potions of fresh cured meats with interchangeable eccentrics to obtain different sausage lengths up to a maximum of 280 mm. Works with any type of casing.

For a price quote, please send us an email to sales@foodtechprocess.com 


Meat flaker is an automatic machine for cutting frozen blocks of meat into slices.

For more information, send us an email to sales@foodtechprocess.com 

Meat flaker LAF 300

Out of stock

The cutting machine is designed for slicing, shredding and grating fruits and vegetables.

For more information, please contact s at sales@foodtechprocess.com


Compact size vegetable/cabbage cutting machine, that is intended for vegetable shredding, slicing, grating and julienne stick cutting.

The price depends on the production capacity. 

Cabbage shredder CaF

Out of stock

Table-top compact chicken breast slicing machine. It can produce up to 300 kg of sliced chicken breasts per hour. 

Semi-automatic tying machines are designed for tying sausages and other meat products. Suitable for meat producers or small butchers. 

The block cutter is designed for chopping frozen blocks of meat, fish, poultry, meat by-products, juice, butter or margarine without prior defrosting. This is a convenient and quick method of preparing the products for further processing, which saves time and reduces the likelihood of product contamination.

  • Efficiently slices the product into thin layers while preserving its texture
  • Safe pneumatic feeding of the product into the grinding section
  • Special fixation system for the product container during unloading
  • Low product losses during processing
  • A powerful blade drive
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Principle of operation: Continuous mode
  • Country of origin: Slovakia
  • Working Area Width: 600 mm
  • Total power, kW: 11
  • Voltage: 380-400V
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