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The frozen blocks flaker is intended for flaking of frozen blocks of meat, fish and poultry (including with bones), as well as frozen blocks of juice, butter, margarine and similar products coming directly from cold storage and without prior defrosting.

Price: 19900 EUR / Special offer: 14900 EUR / The offer is valit until: 01/09/2021

For a price quote or a free consultation, send us an email to 

Manual cutter for cutting potions of fresh cured meats with interchangeable eccentrics to obtain different sausage lengths up to a maximum of 280 mm. Works with any type of casing.

For a price quote, please send us an email to 

Compact size vegetable/cabbage cutting machine, that is intended for vegetable shredding, slicing, grating, juliene stick cutting.

Price depends on your production. Send us an email to or call +421 944 259 499