Portioning machines

Portioning equipment is a set of devices designed for automated division of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished food products according to specified parameters, namely:


● weight,

● volume,

● sizes or a combination of several values.


Portioning devices provide high-speed and high-precision cutting of the product into portions, the specified dimensions of which depend on the purpose of the product, the shape and parameters of the future container.


Modern equipment with a wide range of portioning options is designed to produce homogeneous end products with a natural appearance, as well as to minimize production waste.


Synonyms: portioning equipment, portioning equipment, portioning machines, portioning devices, slicer for portion cutting, cutter, portioner, portioning machine.


Types of portioning machines


Portion devices are classified according to the method of supplying the product (feedstock):


● manually,

● automatically.


By design, portioning machines are:


● linear,

● rotary,

● combined type.


For portioning (cutting) in the devices, disk, spiral and crescent-shaped knives can be used. Some models of machines provide pre-scanning of the product and processing the resulting image on a computer for even more accurate division, reducing trimming and waste.


Portioning machines can be used in the production of foodstuffs from:


● fish,

● poultry,

● meat,

● minced meat.


Portioning devices are used in the manufacture of a variety of food products:


● sausage products (sausages, wieners);

● confectionery (cookies, sweets).


Portion machines can be included in the line for the processing of vegetables and fruits, and can also be used for portion cutting of various products:

● bread,

● sausages,

● cheese.



Meat, chicken and fish portioning machine produces:


● steaks;

● schnitzels;

● beef rolls;

● pork chops;

● crispy strips;

● meat medallions;

● fish or meat cutlets;

● stripes;

● nuggets;

● cubes.


The optimal cutting scheme is calculated depending on the set indicators or the production task, with a clear preservation of the specified parameters of the slices (dimensions, weight, shape).

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