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Mills and Grinders

The process by which a solid raw material is reduced in size is called crushing or milling.

Shredding of initially fine raw material is commonly referred to as grinding.

Crushing occurs as a result of such technological operations as crushing, impact, milling and splitting, or combinations thereof. The choice of processing parameters and equipment depends on the hardness of the raw materials and the requirements for the finished product. The following types of equipment are used in the food industry: melangeurs, mills - have an abrasive-crushing effect, and grinders that perform their function with impact force.

Industrial mills are used to disperse solid raw materials into fractions, for example, in the production of various types of flour. Modern mills are used to grind not only rye and wheat, but also rice, peas and corn, as well as in the production of salt, spices, coffee, chocolate and many other food products, such as mayonnaise, peanut butter, curd mass, jam, pâtés, vegetable puree, also by-products of grain processing are fodder grain products and bran, which are in great demand.

Classification of machines for grinding raw materials.



Pin Screenless Mill

Grinding of granulated sugar, nuts, cocoa millcake

Hammer mills for grinding crystalline sugar.

Production of powdered sugar

Ball mills

Chocolate production

Disc Mill

Production of cocoa mass and cocoa powder.  (When you need the best grinding of particles and rupture of cells).

Colloid Mill

Production of nut pastes, processing of nuts, coconut, various seeds, beans, dried spices, sesame, as well as the production of sausages, pates; cottage cheese homogenization

Five roll mill

Production of nut, chocolate confectionery masses.

Eight roll mill

Grinding cocoa nibs, oilseeds or nut kernels


With rotating bowl

With fixed bowl

Grinding of granulated sugar, wafer edema, cocoa beans, nuts, chocolate production,

mixing components

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