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Production of butter/spread/margarine

In small enterprises, as well as at home, the method of churning cream is used. It requires cream of 35-38% fat content.

In large industrial productions, the method of converting high-fat cream is used. To do this, high-fat cream is separated from milk (the percentage of fat content corresponds to the fat content of the finished product), from which fat is released at high temperature and mechanical pressure.

The method of churning cream is more labor-intensive and low-productive. The result is a quality, healthy and tasty product. This method is usually used in the production of small volumes of traditional butter. At large enterprises with a wide range of different types of butter (with additives and fillers), the technology for converting high-fat cream has been expanded. It is less labor intensive and the end product is more affordable.

The main condition in the production of real butter is the use of natural cream.

In the production of spreads, along with natural cream, saturated and unsaturated vegetable fats are used. Spread is not a substitute for butter, but a completely different product in its properties - with a high content of healthy vegetable fats, including Omega-3 and Omega-6, almost complete absence of cholesterol and low calorie content.

During the spread production process, natural vegetable oil is gradually injected into milk cream in exact doses and evenly distributed in the mass. If the amount of vegetable fats in the finished product is more than 50%, it is necessary to use emulsifiers and stabilizers.

For the production of margarine, natural cream is not used. Its basis is vegetable fats. For taste and aroma, milk in natural or fermented form, flavors, vitamins, food colors, emulsifiers, salt, sugar, antioxidants, preservatives are added to it.

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