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Vacuum frying tests

We have recently had the opportunity to run a few trials with one of Normit’s Vacuum Fryers. Vacuum frying is a much healthier alternative than traditional frying. The product is put into the vacuum fryer which creates a negative pressure and cooks with the use of hot oil- however the oil in these machines are kept at much lower temperatures than regular fryers. The low temperature allows the oil to last longer and does not turn rancid which results in eliminating the presence of carcinogens and acrylamides. The combination of low heat and vacuum crisps the product without losing the nutritional properties as well as the natural colors and flavors.
Normit offers a variety of Vacuum Frying equipment from lab scale up to 300 ltr batch systems. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the equipment we can offer and if it is right for your product, please reach out to us
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