A distinctive module of our latest universal continuous fryer 400/1100/12 is an automatic hot oil circulation system, among its functions is the pouring of hot oil onto the product as it enters the conveyor fryer.

Pre-blanching - pouring hot oil over the product, yields several positive benefits on the subsequent frying process:

  • Enhanced Flavor and Aroma: Pouring hot oil over food prior to frying has a transformative effect on flavor and aroma. The oil contributes to the development of a crispy crust and a golden surface, elevating the product's visual appeal, texture, and taste.
  • Juice Retention: Particularly significant for meat or fish, prone to dryness during frying, hot oil establishes a protective barrier. This barrier retains the natural juices inside the product, ensuring a more succulent and tender outcome after cooking.
  • Improved Frying Efficiency: The introduction of hot oil facilitates rapid heat transfer to the food, ensuring uniform and swift cooking. This is particularly advantageous for large food items or those with a dense texture, necessitating high temperatures for expedited cooking.
  • Prevention of Sticking: Acting as a natural lubricant, oil safeguards against food adhering to the fryer's surface or sticking together during frying. It also contributes to maintaining the shape and appearance of the food, easing its removal from the fryer post-cooking.
  • Additional Fat Infusion: The process of pouring hot oil adds extra fat during cooking. This proves beneficial when the product inherently contains a minimal amount of fat, or when a desire exists to enhance calorie content or overall taste.

If you pour hot oil over the product before deep-frying, it can acquire a new taste, texture and improve the cooking process. When incorporating oil within your cooking process, strict adherence to safety guidelines is imperative. Monitoring both the quality and quantity of oil is essential to achieve the desired results when cooking.