Blanching with hot oil - what is it used for?

One of the additional modules of our new universal fryer 400/1100/12 is an automatic hot oil circulation system, one of the functions of which is to pour hot oil on the product at the inlet to the fryer conveyor.


Pre-blanching - pouring hot oil over the product has a positive effect on the further process of frying the product, namely:



• Enhances Flavor and Aroma: Pouring hot oil over food before frying can enhance flavor and aroma. The oil creates a crispy crust or golden surface, which gives the product an attractive appearance and texture, as well as enhances its taste.

• Keeps juices inside the product: This is especially important for foods such as meat or fish, which can dry out easily during frying. The oil creates a protective barrier that can help keep the moisture inside the product, making it more juicy and tender after cooking.

• Increases Frying Efficiency: Hot oil will prove to quickly transfer heat to the food, resulting in uniform and quick cooking. This is especially important for large pieces of food or foods with a dense texture that require high temperatures to cook quickly.

• Prevents sticking: Oil can also act as a grease to prevent food from sticking to the surface of the fryer or from sticking together during frying. It also helps keep the shape and appearance of the food and makes it easier to remove from the fryer after cooking.

• Adds extra fat: Pouring with hot oil will also add extra fat during the cooking process. This can be useful if the product itself contains a small amount of fat or if you want to increase the calorie content or enhance the taste.


When using oil, you should follow frying safety guidelines and control the quality and quantity of oil to achieve the desired results when cooking.

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