We are delighted to announce the successful shipment of a laboratory ball mill to our partners in the United Arab Emirates. This marks a significant step forward for a manufacturing company gearing up to produce tahini paste with the aid of this advanced mill.

Tahini, a thick, luscious paste crafted from finely ground sesame seeds, holds a special place in Middle Eastern cuisine. It stands as a cornerstone in iconic dishes like falafel and hummus, while also forming the flavorful base for a myriad of sauces.

The meticulous grinding of sesame seeds with the help of a ball mill is crucial for preparing tahini paste. There are various recipes, some incorporating oil, others opting for pre-roasting the seeds or processing them raw. The ball mill, with its precision, promises to transform sesame seeds into a delicate paste with a homogeneous consistency.

Beyond its role in tahini production, this versatile ball mill is an excellent choice for crafting chocolate pastes, nut butters, and grinding various raw materials. We anticipate exceptional outcomes from this innovative collaboration in the realm of tahini paste production.