We have recently performed a series of tests on apples, one of the most popular products among fruit chips using our new Infrared Dryer for fruits and vegetables.

As part of a series of tests, we've tested several technological processes for drying apples. The large surface of the working trays allows you to dry a large amount of product at the same time - in the case of making chips from apples - from 5 kg (when cutting into slices 2 mm thick) to 10 kg (for slices 4 mm thick).

The finished product is crispy, moderately brittle, and uniform in color.

We invite you to test your product and technological process using our new infrared drying equipment. Additionally, we can offer commercial drying services for your products, in case there are available time slots. Our drying equipment is also available to be rented out, just as some of the other smaller equipment and installations we have to offer.