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For clients:

  • We have more than twenty years of experience in the industry.
  • We produce both individual installations as well as complete production lines.
  • Competitive prices and European quality.
  • We cooperate with clients from all over the world, and our partners ensure delivery of equipment to any continent.
  • Our extensive range includes more than 600 models of equipment suitable for small and industrial food processing businesses, as well as professional kitchens, restaurants, fast food chains, street food vendors and the HoReCa sector.
  • We have our own laboratory facility for testing your recipe and technological process using our laboratory equipment.
  • Exclusive manufacturer of vacuum fryers made in Europe.
  • We pioneer the dissemination of new information and the promotion of technological innovation for the preservation of natural flours and nutritional value in the finished product.
  • We regularly update our equipment offerings to incorporate the latest industry advancements, and enhance production efficiency by reducing energy consumption, minimizing product losses, and cutting waste.
  • We are actively expanding our range of equipment with a focus on innovation in the realm of healthy food production, including techniques like vacuum frying, evaporating and vacuum cooking.
  • We also offer the possibility of renting laboratory equipment for a certain period.
  • Opportunity to purchase used test equipment at a discounted price.
  • Spare parts are available to ensure uninterrupted equipment operation.


For dealers:

  • Providing various types of equipment for display in your showroom.
  • Marketing support to help with equipment promotion: materials, test videos, technical department consultations.
  • An individual manager for your company.
  • The possibility of testing your customers' product recipes using our laboratory.
  • Individual dealer conditions - don't hesitate to get in touch; we are open to various collaboration possibilities.
  • Availability of our own warehouse with a wide range of equipment in stock, swift dispatch, and global delivery facilitated by our numerous logistics partners.
  • Individual pricing depending on capacity and volumes.
  • Guarantee of European production and quality.
  • Informing you about our new products and special seasonal offers, to make sure you will be the first to know!
  • We offer modern equipment based on the latest technology developments in the food industry!
  • Online technical support, interactive consultations for your service centres, and the supply of essential spare parts for equipment diagnostics and maintenance.


For potential business partners:

  • We offer collaboration opportunities, including the sale of equipment to technologists and specialists in the field of consulting for industrial production facilities, lovers and connoisseurs of food engineering, and a personalized approach for collaboration with individuals under agency agreements.
  • We are open to cooperation with new logistics companies for whom there is no insurmountable challenge in delivering equipment by land, sea, or air.