Dusting machine, Flouring machine DUST N

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Applying a thin layer of flour improves the adhesion of batter. The device is reliable, easy to operate and clean. It is available in four models - differing in belt width

Automated process of pre dusting products suitable for small but also large volume producers. Can be installed stand alone or part of the other line

During application, the conveyor moves the product through a "dust-curtain" showering a consistently, which leaves a uniform flour coating on the product. The conveyor speed is adjustable. The dusted product then passes under an air knife where all excess dust is removed before its further processing.

Excess flour (dust) is recycled back - so the dust is hardly wasted at alla.

Suitabel for

  • meat
  • fish
  • vegan product

Model Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Power Voltage  Tank volume, L
300 1100x1600x1430 170 1180 W 380V 37
400 1200x1600x1430 200 2120 W 380V 50
600 1400x1600x1430 140 1220 W 380V 75