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Test's results  - vacuum fryer
New video with the results of the tests.
Colloid Mill Test - Oats
The results of a new series of tests conducted on the colloid mill
New design of the mixing device
We have updated the mixing device of our compact cooking kettle
A series of tests on our colloid mill
We made creamy nut butter from cashews and hazelnuts using a colloid mill.
Testing our Z SIGMA ARM mixer
We have conducted a new series of tests on the Z SIGMA ARM mixer to make dough for dumplings.
Our cooking kettles are proving to be a popular choice
More and more cooking kettles are constantly being sent out to our customers, proving to be a widely applicable universal solution for cooking small batches of various food products.
Pneumatic feeding system for mills and grinders
Introducing our versatile pneumatic feeder, designed to accommodate a wide range of different mills types.
Testing our new commercial Infrared Dryer
We have conducted a series of tests on the new and improved model of our infrared dryer for the preservation of fruits and vegetables.
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Honey Creaming Machines: Perfecting the Texture and Consistency of Honey

Honey creaming machines, often referred to as honey crystallizers, are essential tools in the world of honey processing. These machines bring the process of honey creaming to life, transforming liquid honey into a delectable, creamy consistency that is both visually appealing and easy to spread. In this in-depth exploration, we uncover the science behind honey creaming machines, their benefits, and their significance in the honey industry.

The Science of Honey Creaming

Honey naturally tends to crystallize over time, forming coarse crystals that create a less desirable texture. Honey creaming is a controlled process that involves encouraging the growth of fine crystals throughout the honey, resulting in a smooth and velvety texture. Honey creaming machines provide the ideal conditions for this process, ensuring that the final product remains consistent, creamy, and enticing.

Benefits of Honey Creaming

  1. Improved Texture: Creamed honey has a smooth and spreadable texture, making it an excellent choice for various culinary applications.
  2. Enhanced Spreadability: Creamed honey's consistency makes it easy to spread on toast, pastries, and other dishes.
  3. Visual Appeal: The light color and creamy texture of creamed honey are visually appealing and can attract consumers.
  4. Reduced Crystallization: Creamed honey's controlled crystallization minimizes the formation of coarse crystals, ensuring a consistent quality.

The Honey Creaming Process

Honey creaming machines provide the controlled environment needed for the creaming process. The liquid honey is gently mixed to induce crystallization, creating a uniform distribution of fine crystals. Over time, the honey develops its creamy texture, and the process can be customized to achieve the desired consistency.

Applications in the Honey Industry

Honey creaming machines are important tools for honey manufacturers:

  • Consumer Products: Creamed honey is a popular choice for consumers who prefer a smooth texture and spreadable consistency.
  • Baking and Culinary Use: Creamed honey's easy spreadability and uniform texture make it an ideal ingredient in baking and cooking.
  • Packaging and Presentation: Creamed honey's aesthetic appeal makes it an attractive option for premium packaging and gift sets.

FoodTechProcess: Elevating Honey Creaming

At FoodTechProcess, we understand the importance of achieving the perfect texture and consistency in honey products. Our honey creaming machines are designed to optimize the creaming process, ensuring that your honey delights consumers with its velvety smoothness and appealing appearance. With our advanced technology and expertise in food processing equipment, we offer solutions that empower honey producers to create exceptional products that stand out in the market.

Multifunctional vacuum unit MINI5 - is ideal for cooking, drying, concentrating, mixing and much more. Suitable for laboratories and small-scale production.

  • Processing heat-sensitive products at lower temperatures
  • Ideal for making creamed honey
  • Possibility of vacuum drying honey
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Engine power, kW: 0,12
  • Country of origin: Slovakia
  • Volume: 5l

We offer equipment for processes such as: honey dissolution, honey drying, honey homogenization, honey pasteurization, honey creaming and honey packaging. The necessary equipment is selected by the customer based on the required processing technology for their manufacturing process.

More information: sales@foodtechprocess.com


The atmospheric unit for whipping and creaming honey, featuring a new design with gravity mixing, represents the second generation of the successful CH Light creaming unit model. Gravity mixing honey is 40% more effective than traditional methods, particularly in the production of cream honey, where the mixing mode and cyclogram play crucial roles. The slanted design aids in quickly emptying the work tank with minimal product loss.

  • Sloped design - 40% more efficient mixing
  • Powerful agitator drive
  • Collapsible frame mixer with movable scrapers made out of fluoroplastic
  • Lid opening sensor - a guarantee of high safety for the operator
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Principle of operation: Batch mode
  • Country of origin: Slovakia
  • Volume: 400l/600 kg
  • Total power, kW: 1,5
  • Voltage: 380-400V

Our company offers equipment for whisking honey with a new updated design with gravity mixing! A characteristic feature of the new series, which is 20-25% more efficient than conventional mixing! The inclined design also makes it easier to unload the product after processing, due to the centrifugal force and gravity!

For a free consultation or quote, please email us at sales@foodtechprocess.com


Our company offers equipment for whipping honey with a new design which includes gravity mixing. The main advantage of the technique is the ability to produce creamy honey in 4 hours! The device is designed for 450 kg of honey per batch.

For additional information or a quote, please email us at sales@foodtechprocess.com


Equipment for the production of honey cream, soufflé honey, whipped creamy honey. The machine is produced both in atmospheric and vacuum versions, the loading capacity ranges from 70 to 3500 kg of honey.

For more information, send us an email at: sales@foodtechprocess.com

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Principle of operation: Batch mode
  • Country of origin: Slovakia
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