Honey-wax separating screw press
  • Honey-wax separating screw press
  • Honey-wax separating screw press

    Honey-wax separating screw press

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    Honey-Wax Separating Screw Press is a small-sized stationary continuous press that provides quick and efficient separation of honey from wax (zabrus) by cold pressing. Zabrus is a beekeeping product remaining from cutting the upper part of the sealed honeycombs.

    Principle of operation:

    The installation allows you to instantly separate honey from wax (zabrus). The pressing process takes place inside the perforated cylinder, where the rotating screw squeezes honey, which seeps through the perforated body and flows into the sieve below it. The remaining squeezed wax is pressed by a screw and thrown out into the container. The obtained pressed wax is completely ready for further melting.

    Screw press for honey


    ·         Compactness - does not take a lot of space and can be placed into small spaces.

    ·         Equipped with wheels that provide easy transportation.

    ·         Simple and easy to operate.

    ·         Production material - high-quality, stainless, acid-resistant steel.

    The equipment can be easily used by small enterprises and farmers who do n't have large space for keeping and operating bulky facilities. 

    The press can separate 100% honey from wax at a speed of 100 kg / h.





    100 kg / h


    0,55 kW

    Ball valve

    5/4 ”

    Dimensions (HxWxD)

    80х52х128 cm


     82 kg

    Power Supply

    230 V