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  • fruit belt press for juice
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Fruit belt press for juice MGBP

We offer fruit belt presses for juice extraction of different capacities. Should you require any further information, send us an email to


Delivery Policy - ex works, delivery time depends on the individual equipment


Refund policy - as stated in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS

MGBP fruit belt press is designed for extracting juice from fruits.

The equipment is fully automated: the fruit is fed into the gullet and the fruit juice flows through the outlet located at the lower part, on the side. A rotating brush and high pressure washer cleans the machine.

Different capacities fruit belt presses available

We offer different capacities belt presses. From 300 - 1400 kg / h. Very easy to clean. Requires minimal maintenance. High-pjuice containerressure washer and air compressor are essential for operating.


Juice container for belt press 

Juice container with storing capacity 100l is a useful and necessary accessory for belt presses. The juice flowing out of the belt press is collected into the juice container and delivered to juice tanks.

Juice tanks of different capacities


  • new development
  • stepless belt speed adjustment
  • user friendly
  • high performance
  • (75%) juice yield (depending on the species of fruits)
  • fully automated

Fully automatic belt press

Fully automatic operation, with closed work area, reduces the oxidation to the minimum. In the bottom of the machine, there are two spinning washer heads guarantees optimal cleaning during the process. The distance between the press cylinder and the juice collector tray reduced against foaming.

Video of usage

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