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Testing our Z SIGMA ARM mixer
We have conducted a new series of tests on the Z SIGMA ARM mixer to make dough for dumplings.
Our cooking kettles are proving to be a popular choice
More and more cooking kettles are constantly being sent out to our customers, proving to be a widely applicable universal solution for cooking small batches of various food products.
Pneumatic feeding system for mills and grinders
Introducing our versatile pneumatic feeder, designed to accommodate a wide range of different mills types.
Testing our new commercial Infrared Dryer
We have conducted a series of tests on the new and improved model of our infrared dryer for the preservation of fruits and vegetables.
New video materials for the Ball Mill with an updated design
We've recently added new video content showcasing the key operation process of our redesigned Ball Mill offering insights into the functionality of this versatile grinder.
Working hours during Christmas Holidays
The holidays are approaching so in this post you will find information about how our office works during the holidays.
Recent shipment of our Colloid Mill to Kosovo
We've recently dispatched the colloid mill to our customer in Kosovo - a food production company that will utilize it for processing nuts, primarily almonds.
A special offer for our new Cooking Kettles with a Mixer
Take advantage of our special bulk purchase offer for our latest line of compact cooking kettles with a built-in stirrer!
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The compact tabletop paddle fryer can be used for the production of a variety of snacks, including vegetable and fruit chips fried in oil. It is also suitable for frying extruded chips and snacks.

  • Innovative design: a compact continuous paddle fryer for professional kitchens
  • Intensive three-zone heating using thermal controllers for each heating element
  • Specially designed blades along the entire length of the fryer to immerse the product in oil
  • Frying time can be set from a few seconds up to an hour
  • Product agitation system during loading for product separation
  • Thermal insulation of the working body to reduce heat loss and for safer operation
  • Heating: Electricity
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Heating power, kW: 12
  • Principle of operation: Continuous mode
  • Country of origin: Slovakia
  • Working Area Length: 1100 mm
  • Working Area Width: 400 mm
  • Voltage: 380-400V

The compact model of the screw press is designed for quickly and efficiently squeezing honey from wax. 

  • Reinforced design
  • The press allows you to separate 100% of honey from the wax at a speed of 100 kg/h
  • Simple and easy maintenance
  • Compact installation on a supporting structure
  • Made from food grade stainless steel
  • Capacity: 100kg/h
  • Total power, kW: 0,55
  • Voltage: 220-230V

Thermal oil pumps are used to transfer high viscosity liquids such as syrups, honey, mayonnaise, sauces and creams and etc.

For additional information, please contact us at sales@foodtechprocess.com

Vane pump NC02

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Vacuum evaporation and concentration of liquid products
Vacuum evaporation of milk enhances its shelf life and preserves its nutritional content by gently removing water under reduced pressure, maintaining flavor and quality.
Crafting thermostable fillings for pastry snacks
Thermostable fillings play a crucial role in confectionery production, contributing not only to the expansion of your product range but also to the enhancement of quality standards.
Advantages of plow mixers within the food industry
The evolution of food processing technologies has significantly impacted the way we prepare our food. When it comes to mixing and homogenization devices, the plow mixer is particularly valued for...
Industrial dough mixers: the foundation for an ideal confectionery business
Making flawless baked goods and sweets is an art that demands both expertise and cutting-edge technology. Within the realm of confectionery and bakery production, a pivotal tool takes center stage...
Choosing the right Food Dryer for your business
Explore the principles of effective food drying in our detailed guide. Whether you're seeking budget-friendly options or industrial-grade dryers, delve into the energy formula for optimal outcomes....
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