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Descending head capping machine TEDH 500/600

This head capping machine has a magnetic clutch, ribbed spindle. It is semi-automatic and closes bottles or jars with PFP aluminum caps, twist off caps or plastic screws. The price depends on the cap, product you are filling, and capacity. For more information about the price, please email us at 


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This descending head capping machine has a magnetic clutch, ribbed spindle. is semi-automatic and closes bottles or jars with PFP aluminum caps, twist-off caps, or plastic screws.

The descending head capping semi-automatic unit for closing bottles is adjustable and strong. It closes PFP aluminum caps, sometimes called ROPP Caps. This unit is able to close regular caps or pouring caps and can be set up for different functions. With the suitable parts, the descending head capping machine is able to close Stelvin screw cap, MCA cap, BVS cap or pilfer proof caps (with and without caps pourer). The unit is fitted with the No cap No Roll head.

These caps can be closed by substituting the capping head with a magnetic clutch head and a particular spindle:

  • Twist off capsuleshead capping machine
  • Plastic screw caps

The equal method with a three-sector pliers can be implemented for these capping processes:

  • pharmaceutical caps with dropper
  • FEA aluminum caps
  • Dispenser caps
  • Caps with a brush, mostly found in the cosmetic industry (caps for nail polish)

Every head or spindle is able to close only one size cap. Should you wish to close bottles with various capsizes, purchasing supplementary closing heads and spindles will be required.

How the capping machine works

Performing the capping process, the operator simply places the bottle with the capsule on and presses the control button.

Bottle capping and filling machine with different customization

This is an adjustable capping machine that can be altered to different customized settings, depending on the bottle and the cap used.

The operator puts the bottle on the plate with the cap manually placed on the head of the bottle, prepared for capping. The unit is holding the bottle in place. The machine’s head lowers down to screw the cap onto the bottle. This whole operation only takes a couple of seconds.

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