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Vertical volumetric filler TEFV 1, TEFV 2

A range of pneumatic vertical filling machines for dosing liquids with viscosity is similar to water. For a price quote, send us an email to 


Delivery Policy - ex works, delivery time depends on the individual equipment


Refund policy - as stated in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS

Our dosing machines allow manufacturers to dispense fluids or semi-solid fluids - they may be food, cosmetic or chemical products. These machines are for example suitable for dosing oil into cans. However, other food or chemical liquids may also be filled into different types of packaging.

The materials and seals of the machine are suitable for the processing of food or chemical products. The structure on the wheels allows the machine to move easily and can be easily adjusted according to your needs.

The liquid to be filled can be withdrawn from the storage tank or container which is located below the machine that operates pneumatically on compressed air. After selecting the desired quantity of the product to be dispensed, the machine directly dispenses the liquid from the reservoir and automatically stops without wasting the product. Machines are fully customization to fit the product to be filled, and type of bottle.


  • Switching systems
  • Dosing nozzles for foam products
  • Stainless steel dosing bottles for aggressive chemicals, alcohol and spirits or hot liquids to be processed


Our vertical volume fillers are available in two versions:

  • One cylinder: only one dosing piston is performing suction and delivering the required volume
  • Two cylinders: two dosing pistons work simultaneously or independently


We offer a stainless steel cylinder in two capacities:

  • from 50 to 2000 ml
  • from 250 to 5000 ml


Dimensions  490x490x1700 mm     490x650x1700 mm
Weight 44kg 80kg
Cylinder capacity from 50 to 2000 ml from 50 to 2000 ml
from 200 to 5000 ml from 200 to 5000 ml
 Power Supply Compressed air Compressed air

 Co-polymer materials / Polyethylene for food/ Stainless steel / Stainless steel metacarpal


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