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Feeding conveyor
  • Feeding conveyor
  • Feeding conveyor

Feeding conveyor with hopper CWH


Feeding conveyors optimally transport your product to another processing facility to maximize output and improve downstream performance. Price depends on the product and size of the conveyor. For more information, send us an email to sales@foodtechprocess.com

Equipment for feeding in the product ion of vegetable chips. It is a ver satile device for transporting products to a height. It can be used to transport la rge, small, light and heavy products. Usually i t is part of various technological lines and serves for the transport of products within the line. The conveyor enables fast and efficient transport for a wide range of products.

The conveyor is made of AISI304 stainless steel and food grade PVC material in contact with the product. The conveyor works very accurately at slow and high speeds.


  • The conveyor is equipped with vanes for product movement
  • Side rail height not lessth an 50 mm
  • Conveyor width not more than 450 mm
  • Speed adjustment


  • All components of European manufacture
  • Total capacity not less than 100 kg/h
  • Hopper 100 l with 0.55 kW mot or
  • Angle of inclination 40

feeding conveyorFeeding conveyor CWH